Gate Automation Solutions

Ultra and BFT-USA gate openers are powerful, yet discreet

Ultra Access Controls for Gate Automation

Ultra Aluminum has partnered with BFT-USA, a recognized leader in electromechanical and hydraulic gate operators, to introduce Ultra Access Controls, our complete line of swing and slide automatic gate openers and accessories. This new line of gate operators and accessories is definitely state-of-the-art.

To see the complete line of Ultra Access Controls’ automatic swing and slide gate openers, plus view all the accessories and a library of product brochures and manuals, please visit UAC.

Ultra Access Control's high-tech, efficient hydraulic and electromechanical gate openers are truly a thing of beauty - sleek and streamlined, with European styling and engineering, along with the American ingenuity of Ultra. The opening mechanisms and all the accessories - pre-wired boxes, transmitters, solar components - are smart and modern.

All models use 24V DC and/or 120 V AC power, and most are compatible with BFT's Ecosol solar technology. For slide gates, Deimos BT, Ares 1500, and Icaro Fast provide smooth-gliding operation, and for swing gates, the Phobos BT L, Lux BT and Igea BT models ensure swift, effortless opening performance. The Revolution™ Automatic Gate with Hide Concealed Operator is a hidden swing gate opener with truly sophisticated engineering. With its whisper-quiet operation, state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics, Hide is the most advanced swing gate opener on the market. It is a North American exclusive from BFT and available only through Ultra.

Revolution™ Automatic Gate - more than meets the eye

Ultra Access Control’s Revolution Automatic Gate offers state-of-the-art efficiency and optimum performance.

We’ve put everything into the gate upright—the motor, actuators and all the connections. The Revolution Automatic Gate concealed operating system utilizes an integrated upright and power actuator that delivers simple rotational motion to the upright itself. Although the motor is rated for 400 lbs, the actual force required to open or close our strong, but lightweight aluminum gate is minimal and constant throughout the range of motion. This reduces strain on the motor and ensures long-term performance.

The Revolution Automatic Gate motor is positioned at the top of the gate upright, and attaches to the gate through a unique one-piece extrusion and a special set of top and bottom hinges. The Revolution Automatic Gate can achieve full 110 degree openings, and is fully adjustable. It can be utilized in single and dual swing gate applications.

Unlike other typical gate openers whose mechanisms can cause damaging lateral stress on the gate, the Revolution Automatic Gate actuation mechanism is contained entirely within the gate upright, so long-term operation of the gate has little to no effect on its performance or structural integrity. The sleek and efficient design reduces the need for costly system service, maintenance and repair of the gate itself.

The Revolution Automatic Gate can be operated autonomously with BFT Ecosol solar solution and solar panel.

For more information, please visit Revolution Automatic Gate.